Tips for the cold season

Posted: 21st January 2011 by admin in Healthy Living

With the cold season here, it can be a real drag trying to fight the all the different coughs and colds out there. Whether we are the gym, the store, the beach or at home, we are all exposed to the free flowing germs in the air. Well, what is the magic potion. I believe it starts with a well rounded approach. Start your morning with a smoothy of your favorite fruits or even better…veggies. Its like rocket fuel for your system. It will prepare you for the days stresses and abuse. There must be consistency there throughout the day. Drink plenty of alkaline water with a high ph. It will make a huge difference to your entire body as we are made up of approximately 80%water.

If you start feel that scratchy or swollen felling in the throat, stuffy nose, head aches across the forehead or sinus area, get on the zinc lozenges, grapefruit seed extract, ester c, hot chicken noodle soup, hot lemon and honey and rest.  also recommend a 24-48 hour rule before you start getting too active. Remember, your immune system is weak and it needs to rebuild. There is a battle between the good soldiers and the bad soldiers. We need to strengthen those good soldiers and beat down those bad soldiers and rest is needed. Soldier on friends.