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Nate Kaeding and Coach Cam Boxing.

Nate and Cam

Ryder Cup Pro Golfer Chris Riley training on his swing

Me on the Indo board with the elevation mask.

Me on the Ab Dolley roller

Me and Tucker jungle training.Kicking Lessons with Cameron Trickey Kicking Coaching.

Whether you are having private, one on one lessons, or small group lessons, Cameron Trickey will ensure that you will have a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals if you are just beginning to learn how to kick the ball with the correct technique and mechanics or are an fairly experienced kicker or field goal kicker.
If you are looking for continued instruction, Cameron Trickey can take your kicking to the next level.

Having over 30 years of knowledge, teaching and coaching juniors and professional athletes, including Nate Kaeding ( the all timer NFL ACCURACY KICKER), Havard Rugland (who just signed an NFL contract with The Detroit Lions) who I trained for physical development, muscular development, balance and strength. The proper execution of the exercises and techniques plays an important role in development of being a kicker.

One on One:
Private 1 ON 1 instruction are the most effective way to get the most out of your skills and investment with understanding and learning the art of kicking. Video study will also be provided to learn from.
Group Lessons:.
Fine tuning of technique and the opportunity to watch and learn from others is a great way to get the most from your time. Small groups will provide a healthy environment to practice and compete. Video study will also be provided to learn from.
The small group lessons provide game like situations with evaluation and continued instruction. Having the ability to compare yourself with peers will help to see where you are as a specialist as well gain experience through competition.

This study of material presented here gives you the information on teaching, seeing and correcting each of the my foundational movements and patterns essential for developing the correct kicking action and movement.
Teaching the movement and execution of striking the ball from the basics and performing the correct patterns are critical.
This describes how to introduce and cue the movement from setup to execution. This will includes teaching progressions for more complex moves. These moves are broken down into simple do-able steps.
In this first part we will be developing the foundation of a strong stable athletic position with balance. Balance on one leg, while performing stability and core exercises that will build a strong stable foundation.
This is critical in performing correct Mechanics with executing the action of hand to foot.
Flexibility. Develop long, strong, supple, flexible Muscles. “its all in the hips”….mobility and flexibility in the hip flexors, hip rotators, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back and abdominals are primary drivers in developing the power behind the strike of the foot. To feel these muscles work together in concert and understand where the power and strength is generated is the magic , then you see the poetry in motion and watch a beautiful fluid approach, contact, follow through and conversion.
Performing this repeatedly over thousands of times perfect the action…play the way train. Train the way you play.
Tools of the trade needed.
Elastic bands, resistance bands, boxing gloves ,Bosu balls, Swiss balls, battle ropes, x_ iser stepper machines, medicine balls, bungee cords and more.
All provided for players.
A six week course is ideal for these lessons.
Cardiff sports park.
Waivers will need to be signed.

Please inquire for more information on upcoming lessons and camps.

Charger Eric Weddle with the boys. A Bionx client.

Charger Eric Weddle with the boys. A Bionx client.

Charger player Jaques Ceasar with the boys
Charger player Jaques Ceasar with the boys

Bionx Client, 20  NFL kicker John Carney with N.Y Jets punter Steve Weatherford.

Bionx Client, 20 NFL kicker John Carney with N.Y Jets punter Steve Weatherford.