Speed And Running Coaching

By admin

People often ask me.” Can my boy or girl get faster or he or she doesn’t seem to run very well or they run with arms all over the pace”. I have heard it all. The short and long answer is, YES.  He can run faster and he can be a better runner. It will not come easy.  Between the ages of 9-14 are good ages to be focusing on the techniques and correct habits of movement and running.

This is a perfect age to learn theses movements.  I believe its beneficial to train under conditions  that closely simulate real game situations(sport specific training).  My self and all the tremendously gifted coaches are developing the neuromuscular system educating the muscles and nerves, not only on how to move but how fast to move.  The ideas is to train the body beyond its normal capacity by forcing additional fast twitch muscle fibers to activate during training, making it easier for athletes to overcome the inertial force of gravity and move faster at game time.  In some respects we are tricking the mind and body after hundreds of repetitions that “yes i can run faster”.  We do that by implementing specific resistance and assistance training with special training bands.  We are educating the brain and muscles to move faster and we are also creating a neuromuscular response known in sports as adrenaline….and do our boys have that…(wait a few more years when the hair starts growing and the voice changes…lookout then…some of you know). This trains the body to increase the speed.

SPORT IS MOVEMENT. UNDERSTANDING THAT MOVEMENT TRANSCENDS ALL SPORTS AND THAT SPEED IS ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE QUALITIES AN ATHLETE CAN POCESS.  Processing speed and technique is not just fate, luck, or only a gift of genetics.  There are skills that can be acquired and improved tremendously through persistence and a means of careful and correct training.

  1. Stephanie Bloom says:

    Hi Coach Cam: My son Nathaniel has been playing rugby with the Coastal Dragons this year and having a blast. He’s been doing most of the kicking and is doing OK but could use some help. I was wondering if you could have a session with him and give him some kicking coaching. Just let me know time and $$ and we can try and set something up. Thx.

  2. admin says:

    Coach Cam has been training our kids for 5 plus years and we have seen an incredible improvement in his confidence on the tennis court. Coach Cam has a gift with the kids that brings the best out of them. He makes them believe in themselves that can be faster, stronger, more balanced. His Techniques are so creative and the kids respond so well to his advice. He has given my son so many wonderful tips and advice that will stay with him forever.
    We are so thankful Coach Cam.

    Cathy. Grateful Mom.

  3. admin says:

    Coach Cam is the man. He has a wonderful gift with the kids. He has a unique way he bring so much out of my son. He is patient, but stern and the respect that. My boy continues to grow in confidence and is seeing some great results. His form and running style is like night and day.
    We love Coach Cam.

    Lisa and Davey