Muscle confusion for muscle growth

By admin

There’s a lot of advice out there – much of it conflicting – but the reality is that there’s no one best way to get ripped.

Our bodies are all unique. Different shapes, heights, weights, body types, builds, metabolisms, etc. It makes sense that there’s no one solution that works perfectly for everyone all the time.

However, while there’s no one simple trick, there are some basic guidelines that anyone looking to build muscle quickly and safely should follow. Some are obvious, some aren’t.


It’s almost cliché at this point, but there’s really no substitute for a good diet when it comes to building muscle. Foods high in lean protein are a must. Sugary, processed foods should be avoided in excess (like everything else, your body needs some sugar to function properly). It’s best to keep fat and alcohol intake under control, as well.

The right diet really comes down to calories. Make sure you’re consuming the appropriate number of calories from healthful foods every day to support your workouts. The right balance of calorie intake and workout duration will lead to the most efficient gains, so be sure to experiment a bit to find out what works best for your body.


It’s counterintuitive, but to build muscle, your workouts must be varied. Lifting weights alone is not enough. For maximum results, you should mix cardio/aerobic and flexibility/range-of-motion (yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, etc.) exercises into your strength training routines.

When you do lift weights, be sure to vary your weight routines, as well. Work all of your muscles for maximum gains and efficiency, and work the same muscle groups in different ways from one workout to the next.

Nitric Oxide

Researchers have recently determined that nitric oxide is a critical player in your body’s creation of new muscle cells, and the science behind nitric oxide is surprisingly straightforward: Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscle cells around your blood vessels, widening the inner walls of your arteries. This process enhances nutrient and oxygen delivery to your muscles, boosting strength and endurance while working to prevent fatigue.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t create enough nitric oxide on its own to produce the results you want. That’s why supplementing your body’s natural supply of nitric oxide is a critical component of muscle building success. Nitric oxide supplements are used by tens of thousands of professional athletes and bodybuilders, and millions of average men.

The impact of nitric oxide cannot be understated. It’s essential, and without a nitric oxide boost, your workouts are suboptimal, no matter what other steps you are taking.

What Now?

First and foremost, start eating right and working out properly. Without that foundation, nothing else you do will make a difference. Second, start taking a nitric oxide supplement daily. Doing so will allow you to transform your body in ways you have only dreamed.

There are so many nitric oxide products on the market today, and so many confusing marketing messages, it’s tough to choose the right one – the one that makes the most sense for you.

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