Benefits of a Corporate Fitness Program

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finish lineThe importance and benefits of exercise has become so great now that many companies have now started their own corporate fitness programs. These corporate fitness programs prove to be not only beneficial to the employees, but also to the company for sponsoring the corporate fitness program. There are many benefits that a corporate fitness program brings to a company, with the introduction of a corporate fitness program in a company; there are usually lower health care costs for the employees. With this, there is a reduction in the number of sick days and thus, more productivity on the part of the employee. A corporate fitness program also reduces the number of absenteeism in employees and their compensation and disability. With all of this, you find an improved employee morale and loyalty amongst the employees and all of this leads to an increase in the productivity of the company by these employees.

woman stretching in officeThe corporate fitness program also offers proper nutrition knowledge to the employees and routine exercise programs for tips to living a healthy and active lifestyle. The main reason companies start a corporate fitness program today is because it prevent health issues by reducing claims by employees which in turn, saves lots of money for the company. These corporations realize that there is a link between the prevention and the investment of health in their staff. In addition to increased productivity and a reduction in the number of absenteeism, a corporate fitness program generally raises the company morale and camaraderie amongst corporate fitness members. With this increased camaraderie, you find a strengthening in the relations between employer and employees too.

Corporate fitness programs are generally chartered for a period of about 12 weeks where the challengers of the program tend to compete against each other to get into the best shapes of their lives. In addition to providing the participants of a corporate fitness program with an exercise/training schedule, they are also provided information to proper nutrition and supplementation so that it is possible to reach their goal on the completion of the term of the corporate fitness program.

So it can be seen that with a corporate fitness program, the health and well being of the employees are improved. Of course, the company may have to first make some investment for the corporate fitness program; but it is worth the investment after the improved health of the employees, their increased productivity and reduced absenteeism and health cost claims.

young dynamic business team on the moveCorporate fitness programs tend to provide overall health benefits with optimized cholesterol levels and improved blood circulation in the employee. You find increased cardiovascular capacity and energy levels and consistent blood sugar levels. With these increased energy levels, it is easy for the employee to reach their goals and to manage their time better, wherein they become more productive and can spend quality time with their loved ones.

Of course, last, but not the least, corporate fitness programs tend to instill a feeling of confidence in the employees. With this confidence, they find it easy to achieve goals and see an improvement in mental and physical performance. The competitive spirit corporate fitness programs give brings out the best in their employees. Moreover, employees tend to become clearer in their thoughts when following a corporate fitness program. So it can be seen that it is indeed beneficial to have, and follow a corporate fitness program.

Coach Cam’s CoreFusion will help you get into great shape, reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy, build confidence, and make new friends. Why spend time shut indoors, sweating on that treadmill as you watch the world go by when you can be out in the world, getting fit, losing weight, and having fun?

The first thing that happens after you join Coach Cam’s CoreFusion is an assessment of all recruits. We want to make sure our recruits are healthy enough to participate — remember, this is a workout, not a shuffleboard club! If you have never taken the stairs as long as there was an elevator somewhere in the building, this program is not for you. If just thinking about working out makes you winded, it’s time to sign up, soldier! If you are already a competitive athlete who’s looking to change up your routine, Coach Cam’s CoreFusion is for you, too! Classes are designed to meet every recruit’s fitness level.

Ready to learn about CoreFusion?

CoreFusion is a comprehensive, weight and fat-loss program that incorporates:

σ Fitness Instruction
σ Resistance Training
σ Functional Training
σ Core Work
σ Yoga & Balance/Stability
σ Food Modification
σ Nutritional Counseling
σ Diet Planning
σ Motivational Training

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  1. admin says:

    MaintenanceNet provides fitness programs for our employees in order to promote a fit, healthy and productive work force. Cameron Trickey is our Fitness Boot Camp Trainer who conducts our workouts twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays during our lunch hour.

    Cameron provides a variety of exercises and endurance sessions focusing on core strength, cardio, all muscle groups. His workouts are efficient because you work your entire body– heart and muscles–by going from one exercise to another with no rest. The workouts involve calisthenics like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches and other body weight exercises; the difference lies in the intensity. Each exercise, each session is different, so you don’t get bored and you are working different muscle groups. He challenges you to take your body to its limit.

    One of the benefits of boot camp is there is very little equipment needed. Cameron provides some of the equipment, but he is creative in using what is available in the environment around us.

    In addition, Cameron cares for each of his clients and takes a personal interest in their fitness goals. He is careful to help each of us avoid injury. He also provides dietary suggestions in order for people to reach their weight loss goals more rapidly.

    You work, you sweat and, best of all, you burn calories like crazy while having fun!

    – Lisa Gonzales, HR Manager

  2. admin says:

    My husband (Jim) and I starting working with Cam early January; we have a training session twice a week. In this short time, we have improved so much – increased strength and endurance as well as weight loss. No doubt about it – Cam works us out intensely; however, his demeanor and coaching are so positive and reassuring. In fact, we are both working out even more during the days we are not training with Cam.

    After two weeks of working out with Cam and following his nutrition guidance, Jim has lost 15 pounds and I have lost 8. Wow – so exciting! The nutrition plan has been easy to follow; the quick initial weight loss is very motivating.

    After eight or so weeks, we continued to shed the pounds and Jim has lost around 32 pounds and I have lost around 15 pounds.
    The most impressive improvement was with Jim’s bloodwork. He was tested back on September 28 2012. His CHOLESTEROL was 266, now its 173. HDL was 36 cm , now its 43. LDL-CHOL was very poor, now improved to 99. The TRIGLICERIDES were 459, now 154. His blood pressure was also the best he can remember. Despite many attempts at diets and various medicines, this is the first time his bloodwork has tested in the normal range in many years.

    A nutrition plan by itself is not enough. Having a great coach like Cam is the key difference to successfully making the changes necessary to get back into a healthy lifestyle.

  3. John Dobak says:

    Cam designed and managed a challenging Australian style beach Olympics for our YPO chapter retreat in Cabo San Lucas. The competition was fun, got everyone working together as a team, and tested our physical and mental abilities. He kept people on task and on time and was a terrific motivator. We all finished the competition with smiles on our faces and stronger bonds between our chapter members. Cam is a terrific ambassador for this type of event and I would highly recommend his services to any firm looking for team building or individuals looking for self improvement.

  4. David Inns says:

    “I had the pleasure of working with Cameron on a retreat where we had a large group of leaders compete in a series of fun athletic events. He did an excellent job customizing the competition to be challenging yet not dangerous; helping create a fun, competitive atmosphere that resulted in solid day of team building as well as fitness. Cameron is a great resource for any company looking to improve the fitness, wellness, or health awareness of their team.”

    David L Inns | CEO
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  5. admin says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I had the pleasure of working with Cameron Trickey on a recent business retreat. Our group was comprised of over 40 young Presidents and CEOs of successful San Diego companies. Cameron created and facilitated a unique day of competitive, yet fun, series of athletic events. He did an excellent job customizing the competition to be challenging yet not dangerous for all levels of ability, skill and fitness. We had a wide variety of participants, from triathletes to couch potatoes that haven’t exercised since junior high PE class. Everyone participated, and his program made participants at all skill levels feel great. It was a solid day of team building as well as fitness. Cameron is a great resource for any company looking to improve the fitness, wellness, or bonding of their team.

    Craig Irving
    President/Broker’s Lic. #00898844
    The Irving Group
    4320 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 250 ⃒ San Diego, CA 92122
    Main: (858) 999-0333 ⃒ Fax: (858) 999-0225

  6. Travis king says:

    Re: Cameron Trickey Team Building Program
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I recently attended an event at which Cameron was tasked with motivating, energizing and inspiring a group of nearly 50 “type-A”, hard-charging CEOs to spend an entire day in a team oriented physical fitness competition. Needless to say, this was no easy task. Cameron exhibited tremendous leadership, ingenuity and passion as he seamlessly led our group through an exhausting but very satisfying day of events. The day was very well planned and offered a tremendous opportunity for our group to bond on a team-by-team basis, as well as as a broader group (not to mention providing a great workout along the way). Everyone’s expectations were exceeded – which does not happen easily with this crowd. Cameron’s attention to detail, great attitude and ever-present smile made the day memorable for everyone. I would definitely recommend Cameron for anyone interested in combining team building and fitness. The event was wonderful all around!
    Travis King
    Chief Executive Officer
    Brixton Capital, LP